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Bad ass bodies, good ass vibes

Robby Nelson Training Club works happily together with Camaro Barre Club. This 60-min music driven class offers a high intensity/low impact full-body workout. If fast paced interval training, strength & mobility conditioning, yoga, pilates, and a great DJ had a love child, it would be this class.

A fusion style practice pieced together through years of formal training and experience, Shane’s taken the best bits and blended them all together to make a super lekker workout smoothie. Using a combination of large and small range movements and isometric holds the Camaro Barre Club workout builds strength, balance, flexibility and most importantly……teaches you to unleash your inner super hero. The music keeps you buzzing and time flies because you’re having fun.

“CBC is a workout that’s suitable for all, fitness doesn’t have a size, we live our motto: Strong is the new black.”

Shane Camaro-Caldwell

Expect to sweat, laugh, get a great workout and possibly develop a healthy addiction once you see what the practice can do for your mind and body.  You can sum it up like this: Bad ass bodies, good ass vibes.


Who is Shane?
Shane Camaro-Caldwell
 is all about good vibes. Originally from Southern California, Shane has lived and worked all over the United States and Europe cultivating her unique vibe across fashion, music, and fitness. A former footballer and dancer who’s career was curbed by chronic knee injuries, Shane was in search of a workout that would feed her high intensity desires but low impact needs.  In 2013 she discovered barre3 in Portland Oregon, was instantly hooked and soon after began her rigorous training to teach the practice. She went on to teach in Portland and SoCal before packing her bags and moving to London for love.

Shane started Camaro Barre Club after moving to Amsterdam and freelance teaching to sold-out classes. A combination of barre, interval training, and mobility conditioning described as a “rave for your entire body”, Shane’s classes provide men and women with a rigorous workout in lock-step to the beat of her meticulously-curated playlists. With her clear anatomical instruction, pop-culture anecdotes, and focus on mind-body connection, Shane’s classes hold up to their promise of creating “bad-ass bodies, good-ass vibes.” Camaro Barre Club is a community for her loyal following of students to get deeper into her ever-evolving practice.

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